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James Family Archive
I intend to scan the photos and documents that MP gave me and post them here.  
There is a long and rambling letter with some detailed family history of the 
James family going back to Missouri that I will scan as well, and try to 
convert into a family tree format.
If you are enjoying these photos and have more information about any of them, 
such as the locations, dates, or any recollections of what happened, you can 
edit this page.  Click on the edit this page link and add your information.  
Just try not to delete anything that is already here, unless you are correcting 
a spelling error or inaccurate information.
Bill, Rosemary, Judy, Joe, Paul, Mary Pat, Richard, Sheila, and Mike James at
Bill James' retirement party from the Seattle Fire Department Department.  It
looks like I might be in this picture too, in utero.
The four sisters Gracia, Edwina, Mare, and Rosemary at Mare's second wedding.
Gumpy (or is it Grumpy?) Hendricks at Mount Rainier.  Gumpy was Rosemary's 
Joe James and two unknown children at Easter.
Nanny (Gumpy's wife, Rosemary's mother) and sisters.  Mary Pat thought that one 
of the Geraghty's (sp?) would know who is who in this photo
Bill and Rosemary's wedding

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