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a Welcome to PJ's Pad, my own personal wiki.OOPS I can edit this page wiki.
This home page to PJ's Pad isn't going to really be an index to the whole wiki. 
That would get unwieldy.  If you're a frequent visitor (and I hope you are!) 
you may be better served by using the RecentChanges feature to check out the 
livelier corners of the wiki.
Steaming up Colvos Passage on a sunny August morning with my favorite little 
swabby, Betty.
Nov 19 2007 [[2007 Christmas Wish List]]
Jan 6 2007
Getting pretty dusty here.  Time to remove the cobwebs and provide some fresh 
content.  I visited Aunty Mary Pat James today and she gave me some family 
photos and a document describing the family tree of the James family, going 
back from Bill and Margie.  I plan to scan them all and put them up here for 
family members to enjoy, and to add more information to them such as dates, 
places, and names of unknown people in some of the pictures.  Here are a few 
initial photo scans:
Please click through to the [[James Archive]] page to see the work in progress 
(including larger versions of the above photos)
October 31, 2006
[[Christmas Wish List]]
Dec 29, 2005
Been doing some boat research lately and keeping my notes on the [[Snowball]] 
Aug 9, 2005
Although I know one of the prime poker etiquette rules is that nobody wants to 
hear your bad beat stories, I had such a [[spectacular flameout]] at the 
Peppermill last night that I simply must relate it.
I switched hosting companies to .  Mesopia, my former 
hosting company, was starting to have some noticeable unplanned downtime.  I 
didn't mind it with the web sites, but having email not available kind of 
sucks, especially when people send you email and it bounces as undeliverable.  
I couldn't get my old wiki to work so decided to switch wiki software.  I am 
now using OpenWiki which is all developed in ASP.  A bit more MS-friendly than 
Usemod which was all in Perl.
One downside of OpenWiki is that it doesn't have the access controls that 
Usemod does, so I can't easily keep the spam-bots from overwriting my content 
with their filth.  I plan to hack the code and add some authentication, 
probably using captcha if I can get it down before the bots discover this site. 
At least the revision history is kept in a proper relational database so 
recovery should be simple.
4/22/05 Al sent me [ this file] with 
pictures and specs on Paul Allen's mega-yacht Octopus.  Warning:  3.4 MB file
3/5/05  Lots of news.  
  * We have a [ new baby].  I built a 
[[shelf]] for her room.
  * I got a some new DigitalMusicToys.  A Squeezebox and Radio Shark.
  * We are having a landscaping project done to create a little SecretGarden 
corner of the back yard.
  * I built a digital picture frame/[[kiosk PC]] thingy:
1/15/05  TasteOfIndia sucks
1/10/05  Some thoughts on MozillaSoftware (Firefox, Thunderbird) after using 
them a few weeks
5/5/04:  I've got a page for managing the crew list for Diva's Wednesday night 
races.  I'm calling it the DivaRaceCrew page 
2/21/04:  I finished my bookshelf!  About one year later, but it is done.  
Check it out on the [[Woodworking]] page
Here's stuff I found on the internet that I think are really [[funny]].  Check 
them out, maybe you will think they are funny too.
12/20/03:  Picked up a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean to put in 
Elizabeth's stocking for Christmas.  Intrigued to see how she likes the beans 
with earwax, vomit, booger, or sardine flavor (yes they are in there!)
12/17/03:  went to see TheReturnOfTheKing today with the buddies
  * Here's the story of my last [[haircut]] 
  * Pictures from our [ family cruise] 
this last summer
  * Hobbies, Pastimes, Indulgences...LeisureTime
Here's some of the old garbage from my previous home page:
  * Pictures from the [ 2003 Puget Sound 
Sailing Championship] at which the Diva took a triumpant first place in the 
J/30 class (yeah so the toughest competitor dropped out, that had nothing to do 
with it)
  * I wrote a guide to [ re-encoding HDTV 
transport stream files to Windows Media Video]
  * Puerto Vallarta pictures:  
[ the beach], 
[ the hotel], 
[ the food]
Photo of the tres amigos at the now famous 20 beer day at Las Animas
Looking for an [[XBoxNumbers]] here are some phone numbers

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