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 I like to watch TV on a really big screen.
 <p />
  Some specs on my home theater gear:
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 <li>Denon AVR-3802 receiver</li>
 Pansonic RP56 DVD player with do-it-yourself SDI modification (by yours truly, using the instructions
 <a href="http://diysdi.bonfigleo.com/" class="external" target="_blank">here</a>
 ...yes the sodlering was a pain!)
 <li>JVC SVHS deck</li>
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  2020 PVR (local OTA channels only, just used for Elizabeth's PBS shows)
 <li>XBox with HD AV output</li>
 HTPC equipped with Holo3dgraph II and HD-Aux cards for Faroudja DCDi deinterlacing and scaling all sources up to 720p. Currently using analog output until the HD-Aux drivers can do DVI-D output with no sparklies. HTPC also has a Sigma XCard hardware MPEG decoder card, connected to the Holo3dgraph card via PDI. The Panasonic RP56 DVD player's SDI video goes to the Holo3dgraph card for deinterlacing and scaling. And the
 <ow:link name="DirecTivo" href="ow.asp?p=DirecTivo&a=edit">DirecTivo</ow:link>
  Svideo output also goes to the Holo3dgraph.
 <li>Panasonic AE500 1280x720 native LCD front projector</li>
 <li>Da-Lite High Power retractable screen, 7 feet wide.</li>
 <p />
  What is next for the home theater? Definitely another cabinet retro-fit. That is next on the woodworking agenda after I build a table for the library. As part of the cabinet retro-fit I'd like to go with a (bigger) fixed screen with all of the components that don't need to have media loaded into them behind the screen on shelves.
 <p />
  Then the next step might be re-assessing the Holo3dgraph if Immersive doesn't get the HD-Aux drivers fixed soon. Maybe switch over to the new DVDO Iscan HD video processor.
 <p />
  And I also have my eyes on another projector upgrade, probably the Benq 720p DLP unit. LCD vertical banding is annoying. But then I'd probably have to build a hush box which will be a pain in the butt. Upgrades never end!
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