I enjoy woodworking. Well I enjoy spending time in the workshop. Due to time constraints I am very slow. Very very slow. At my current rate of production I have projects queued up for several years.

I've been working on this bookshelf for about a year now for the room we call the library. Kim is growing impatient. Here you see it at its current state of completion as of mid-December 2003. It's from a plan in Fine Woodworking. Maybe you recognize it, it was on the cover. It is cherry and fir. I cheated and used 1/2" fir plywood for the panels, but I did get some nice recycled old growth fir for the shelves.

Here is the finished product (hooray):

I also made some banks for Elizabeth and her cousins. They have old combination post office box doors (got em on Ebay). HGB EVH EVA. Elizabeth's bank is cherry with maple inlaid dovetails. Those in the know will recognize this as a giveaway that the Leigh D4 dovetail jig was used. Finish is boiled linseed oil, shellac, and paste wax.

Her cousins' banks were made with padouk and maple inlays. Same finish. Thought I kept some pictures of them but I can't find them. Too bad, the padouk is stunning.

Check out the semi-boring white shelf I made for Catherine's room, and the Kiosk PC I made with Rick Stover's walnut.

Some pictures of the shop. This is its usual state of disarray. About once every 3 months or so I clean it up a bit, but the workbench is pretty much a perpetual black hole.