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= Adventures in Home Barbering = toto
For the uninitiated who got the URL from the Christmas Letter, this is a wiki.  
You can edit this page and add your comments.  In fact participation is 
encouraged.  See the bottom of the page where it says "edit text of this 
page"?  Go for it!  Clicking "edit text of this this page" will 
open up the content of this page in a window where you can scroll to the bottom 
and add your comments.  Just add your stuff at the bottom and leave the 
existing content intact to be polite.  I've put an example at the botton which 
the first contributor can use as a starting point or example.
Hey while you are here maybe you want to check out the pictures from our 
[ summer cruise on Diva] or poke around 
[[PJ's Pad]] in general.
enough enough I hear you, on with the haircut:
Pat got a new "home barber kit" on Ebay to eliminate the 
inconvenience of having to go to the barber shop. Under duress, I've been 
appointed the "home barber". We just finished our second haircutting 
session and I think it went pretty well....just in time for Pat's big 
presentations to all of Microsoft's top customers in North America and Europe 
this week. Why don't you have a look for yourself. Please see the "nice 
haircut" first (symmetrical, close); and then, check out the 
Rookie error: Not replacing the "length guard" after shaving pat's 
neckline. The first pass-through was quite a shock. 
Now, if you'll all please respond with an appropriate introduction for Pat's 
presentations this week. Something like "..Don't let your wife cut your 
hair when she's angry..." Remember, we want to disarm them with humor, not 
the insanity of a haircut gone horribly wrong. 
The presentations start Tuesday. 
Of course Mike Visaya couldn't leave well enough alone and had to comb through 
his college archives to respond with this email:
:Nice work, Kim. Maybe you better tag out and give Elizabeth a shot. That cheap 
husband of yours has been rolling the dice on amateur haircare for as long as 
I've known him, so he had to know he'd come up snake-eyes someday. Still, it's 
hard to believe you actually gave him a worse haircut then the combined team of 
Stu, Hadley, Okell and Foss (observe archive photo below, circa 1988). Big 
presentation, eh? I'm sure he'll be fine, but here are my suggestions: 
    * Make the presentations sideways, like in Alfred Hitchcock Presents (but 
make sure he goes with the left side). 
    * Tell them he's trying to preserve his hair buy applying centuries-old 
crop rotation techniques. 
    * "I pity the fool that makes fun of my hair." 
    * Touch up the damage so it looks look like a Seattle Seahawk (they're 4-1 
right now, so I'm sure people will understand). 
    * Two words: Do Rag.
Here's where you could put your comments if you click on the link to "edit 
this page".  It is a courtesy to attribute your comments thusly:

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