Dutch-made Epifanes High Gloss Clear Varnish. It will set you back about $30 a quart depending upon where you obtain it.

Standard Horizon CP1000C has an alphanumeric keypad to speed the pace of manual data entry, easy-to-use software, and a bright and crisp display screen, as well as a longer warranty.

Radios In the $160 or less category, Icom's M302 beat the others in basic transmitter, receiver and audio. At the upper price range, the Icom M602—packed with features (including a hailer that can produce automatic fog signals), an alphanumeric keypad, and, most importantly, the best transceiver performance of this elite group—was an easy winner. The Best Buy label was captured by Standard Horizon's Quantum GX2360S.

Ericson 38

Dufour - not many in US


Freedom 35

Freedom 36 -- not good for light air

C&C 38, 36, 37R **

Beneteau Oceanis 350 - strange looking. Too much freeboard?

C&C 37R. Has side bunks. '89 65k Rhode Island

C&C 36+ '93 115k MD

C&C 34/36R '90 75k Halifax

C&C Mark III (38') '86 87k '86 71k '86 96k

Ericson 38 87 80k 89 90k 88 95k 86 84k 90 93k 88 90k